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Toronto Real Estate | Rental Market is on Fire

October 15, 2018

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5 Reasons why to hire a buying agent in 2018

January 22, 2018


1. Understanding the Buying process. 


The key to a successful purchase comes down to understanding what you are doing and executing your purchase with ease.  This will allow you to focus on finding the perfect property.  Having a buying agent who understands this will keep your eye on the prize and also calm the nerves while you go through the buying process. 


2. Experience Eyes on the ground


It's easy to miss many flaws and positives as you start walking through potential properties you might want to buy.  Buying agents walk through properties all the time and are trained to pick up things that you might not be familiar with.  Getting over excited and potentially missing key things could be the make or break in finding your next home.


3.  Negotiations 


You want the best sale price and contract terms you can get.  Having an experience agent will benefit you from not only a potential better sale price but also terms.  You may not be familiar with some things that you can also get thrown in the deal.  Having an agent who deals with negotiations on a weekly basis will keep your best interest at heart.


4. Professional Network 


Real Estate is all about networking and it's not always about what you know but who you know.  Benefit from buying agents professional service providers. From contractors, lawyers, insurance providers to even specialized providers.  This could save you thousand of dollars and time.


5.  Local Knowledge of neighbourhoods and areas.


Not familiar with an area, who better to talk to then agents who are constantly watching neighbourhoods from new shops, zoning and what schools are the best.  You can save a lot of time ad energy by working with a local specialist for your next purchase.  


There you have my 5 Reasons why you should hire a buying agent for 2018.  if you are thinking of buying in 2018 in the Greater Toronto Area, I am always here to have a conversation on how we can make that possible.  



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